Kubernetes DevSecOps
Management and Support

What is BoxOps?

BoxOps is a Kubernetes DevSecOps service built to deploy, scale, and monitor your containerized applications. Built on battle-tested open source technologies, BoxOps allows your developers to stay focused on building applications while our experts keep your automation pipelines and clusters healthy.

Your developers can keep creating new software, we'll handle the rest.

Use BoxOps to take advantage of Kubernetes, cloud native technologies, continuous integration, and automation to accelerate your adoption of container technologies and deliver software faster.

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Open Source and Cloud Native

With more than 3 years of production Docker and Kubernetes experience spread across hundreds of clients, we've put together the most effective open source software stack to meet your enterprise needs. From container platforms to orchestration, image storage, secrets management and automation, these are the leading solutions to help you quickly deploy your containerized applications.

Empower your Devs, Accelerate your Ops

BoxOps puts a team of friendly BoxBoat SREs in control of your infrastructure. With Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Azure, and GCP certifications, our experienced team has the skills to meet your needs. We’ll implement powerful automated systems that bring you a host of benefits such as greater stability and quicker time to market, then we’ll manage it

Cloud and on-premise
Available on AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, or on-premise with Rancher

Direct Collaboration
Team-based approach, Slack collaboration, and professional services.

Kubernetes Expertise
Experts available to advise on best-practices

Embrace Agility
Accelerate your DevSecOps adoption

24/7 Infrastructure Support
We'll support the infrastructure that powers your BoxOps platform

Stability and Scalability
Dynamically scale your infrastructure and applications to meet dynamic needs.

Additional Cloud Services
App modernization and migration, containerization, cloud architecture.

Reduce CapEx
Resource-optimized cluster architecture

Deploy to Any Environment

We offer BoxOps on major cloud vendors and also on-premise. Whether you need to deploy your Kubernetes applications on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or even behind your firewall, we've got you covered. Take advantage of our fully managed Kubernetes platform with DevSecOps automation pipelines to streamline your entire application strategy.

Empower Your Developers

With BoxOps, we'll handle your DevSecOps so your developers can focus on creating the best software possible. Simply push your code to git, and we'll handle the rest. From running your unit and integration tests to image tagging and environment promotion, we can enable you to deploy to production that much faster.

Simplify Monitoring

BoxOps is built on Rancher and other open source products. You'll have a single pane of glass to view and monitor all of your infrastructure and Kubernetes applications. We'll also configure Prometheus alert policies so our SREs and your operations team can rapidly respond to any issues as they occur in realtime. Rest easy knowing that your applications are healthy, backed by our SREs.

Plan and Reduce Costs

BoxOps can help you significantly reduce your cloud computing costs. We natively use AWS Spot Instances and Azure Low Priority VMs to reduce your compute costs by up to 80%. No need to worry about losing your resources, BoxOps automatically detects when on-demand VMs are being re-allocated, and will autoscale with new resources to meet the needs of your system.

Expert Support

We provide 24/7 support and SLAs for our BoxOps infrastructure. If there's an issue, we'll fix it before you even notice. Work directly with our team and learn best-practices from our SREs. In addition, if there's a feature you need, we'll put it on our roadmap or build something customized to your unique needs.

About Us

BoxBoat Technologies offers services to accelerate enterprise adoption of modern DevOps tool chains, container technologies, and cloud solutions.

We are technologists at heart who believe in the power of containerization and the increased scale, flexibility, and resource utilization it brings to the development workflow. Deliver software faster with BoxBoat, a Premier Docker Inc. partner and CNCF Kubernetes Solution Provider.